Summer’s Desire (Personal Review)~

Haha. Sooooo, I finished watching Summer’s Desire a couple of days ago, and I decided to share my thoughts with you guys….

This is the first Drama I’ve watched as it was airing. I usually don’t like to do this because it kills be to have to wait a whole week for another episode to be loaded onto the internet. Hint… NO SPOILERS~! cause, I hate it when people warn you about spoilers right before the sentence, and your eye can’t help but catch the words: “____ dies in a fatal crash… or “____ moves to australia”. ><

When I first started watching this drama, I was really confused because it kept on flashing back between the present, and back to when they were in high school. But little by little, the drama reveals facts about the characters’ pasts and you put pieces together from the story. In the beginning, I wasn’t really all that into it, cause I thought this drama was a bit too… DRAMATIC; the events that kept on happening, the way the characters over acted everything, and the dramatic music that plays every 5 seconds. But by the 7th episode or so, I was like OMG NOOO! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? But of course, there being only 14 episodes in the drama… you could say I got hooked when i was halfway through. I like this drama because its different. But at the same time, it was still freakishly typical: Ou Chen loses his memory, some people die, haters try to destroy the protagonist’s life, there’s a love triangle, etc. But aside from the others… The audience has no idea as to who Xia Mo will end up with… At all. I was totally for team Luo Xi in the first half of the drama, because he seemed more charming and charismatic then compared to Ou Chen, who was eerily silent and seemed cold-hearted & too cocky. But then, as the drama progressed, I found myself falling in love with Ou Chen as he continued to become Xia Mo’s saviour. I think the icing on the cake was when he started to smile. OH LORDY. After that, I was Team Ou Chen ALL THE WAY~!

I personally loved the OST. I thought the songs were original and different from the other idol drama music we hear nowadays. I really liked Peter Ho’s opening song, ‘I remember I once loved’. All the main characters sang a song that contributed to the OST: Peter Ho sang the opening theme song, Barbie Xu sang the ending theme song ‘Diamond’ and ‘Bubble Mermaid’, and Huang Xiao Ming sang ‘Black Cat With Milk’.

Read my page on Summer’s Desire Drama Info (So you’ll understand what I’m blabbering about):

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And  now… Normal Pictures. Haha (:

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